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Our company is different than most others. We are honest because we care about our customers as well as our own integrity and reputation. Our mission is to fix your car the right way the first time so you can get back on the road quickly and safely. We know that your car is very important to you and every minute it is not repaired causes an inconvenience to you. We also know that you want to pay only a fair and competitive rate. The Ltune auto repair shop can fix your car right, the first time and will treat you well. After all, this is what really matters to you. On another note, are you looking to sell your home?

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Car, truck, and suv repairsL-tune automotive is an auto repair shop in El Paso, TX offering the most affordable services in the industry. They are located right off the Interstate freeway in the 79905 zip code.

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Don’t Let Your Car Become “A Wreck”

There are plenty of things that can totally wreck a great car, without it actually BEING in a wreck.  At a minimum, neglecting to maintain your vehicle can bruise your ego, but beyond that it can cause actual damage or even get someone hurt.  Basically, no matter how cool your car may be, if it’s not properly maintained, it won’t get you very far for very long.

Automotive Maintenace

You know that convertible Corvette you’ve got stashed in the garage?  (Yes, that one.)  Well, imagine you’re cruising down the main drag, top down, on a gorgeous Spring evening.  As you humbly and nonchalantly absorb the adoration of onlookers at stop lights, you do your best to enjoy the sights despite your life as an automotive celebrity.  As you near your favorite restaurant, you think about the awesomeness of the moment…  the breeze, the attention, the sunset – and your favorite burger for dinner.  Then, just a block from the greatest restaurant in the world, some crazy light on your instrument panel reaches into your daydream and sucks all the awesomeness right out of it!

So, one block from your favorite burger joint, you’re busy putting the top back up and locking down.  You thought you’d be driving, not walking or on an auto repair quest.  So, you wore those shoes that you wear to look good.  They’re not meant for hiking, but that’s what you have to do.  There’s a quick stop half a mile back.  They may not have your chosen brand of oil, but hey, it’s something.  Anything, at this point, is ok if it keeps the favorite piece of your classic car collection from getting TOO low.  (The folks at the car club don’t have to know you used that brand, either.  It was just “one time”…  And remember all those lights you stopped at?  Well, now you’ll have to hit the button for the crosswalk at each one.  Maybe no one will notice, though, that you’re on foot now.  Seriously, what are the odds you’d all end up at the same intersection again, anyway?)  You duck your head and walk fast.

By the time you get back to the car with your single quart of cheap oil that sold for an arm and a leg, the restaurant has shut down for the night.  You bring the oil level up to par, but notice a creeping chill in the air.  So, with the top up and the window down, you cruise back to the quick stop for a half-heated burrito and a slushy.  (Hey, there’s nothing wrong with slushies!)

Maybe you know how to change your own oil.  Maybe you don’t.  Maybe you know what that oil light means.  Maybe you don’t.  The point is, had you taken your car in for a routine oil change, this could have been avoided.

Auto Problems?

Spring is close, and there are those that believe this means it’s time to take a road trip!  So, perhaps your best friend calls you up and invites you for a weekend of hiking out of state.  You’re all in, and before the sun is even thinking about rising, you and your buddy are piling your gear into the back of a sweet SUV with a killer sound system.  At dawn, you’re flying down the interstate (at a reasonable and legal speed of course), when something pops.  The top-heavy SUV swerves, and topples over.  Thankfully, your injuries may be minor, but you’ll be headed back to your home state via a tow truck or an ambulance.

While some things don’t have to happen at high speed to be harmful, an appointment to get his tires checked and rotated would have greatly reduced the risk of having a blow out on the interstate.

We fix Cars

By paying attention to certain key areas, the drive-ability and lifespan of your car or truck will be maintained, or even improved.  For example, the condition of your tires can affect everything from “feel” to safety.  The health of your vehicle’s lubrication system can affect wear and tear.  Who’s checking your brake pads?  Your fluids?  This may all seem a little overwhelming, but you don’t have to worry about it.  Let the experts do the worrying, and when they’re done, you’ll feel more confident that your vehicle is ready for the road.

What’s keeping you from getting your car in for a checkup?
If you think you’re too busy to make and keep an appointment, L Tune Automotive Center has so many expert mechanics that getting in and out of the shop is a breeze. If you think it costs too much, L Tune Automotive Center is competitively priced.  Besides, without proper routine maintenance, it’ll cost even more to repair a bigger problem later – no matter where you go!
So, don’t let your car become a wreck!
No more excuses!  Routine maintenance is a vital part of taking care of your vehicle and its passengers.

Auto Repairs in El Paso, TX

You can depend on us for all of you vehicle's servicing needs. We provide expert and affordable scheduled maintenance. We can perform preventative maintenance. We have auto repair services that are very popular... most of our business comes from referrals! We also believe that great customer service is a must! We give you clear explanations on your car's issues and provide simple and honest estimates.

Our mechanic work at our auto repair center is always fast, professional, and fairly priced!

This El Paso Auto Mechanic is your one stop shopping for all automotive needs.Many good auto mechanics in El Paso don't have web presence. Find them here.

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