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Owning an off-road motorcycle is very fun. Maintance and repairs though, can be costly and sometimes hard to accomplish because it can be hard to find replacement parts for dirt bikes. We have the answer...

~ TNT Motoworx, The Best motorcycle mechanics in El Paso!

Motorcycle repair shop El Paso

El motorcycle being repaired.Our company is different than most others. We are honest because we care about our customers as well as our own integrity and reputation. Our mission is to fix your car the right way the first time so you can get back on the road quickly and safely. We know that your car is very important to you and every minute it is not repaired causes an inconvenience to you. We also know that you want to pay only a fair and competitive rate. AV Automotive focuses on all this. What really matters to you.

If you own a motorcycle you know how hard it can be to find a good repair shop. We are located in El Paso and can help with repairs, parts, servicing, and much more.

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We work with many top brands like Yamaha. We work on Suzuki bikes. Our shop also works on Hondas and Kawasakis. Plus KTM, Polaris, Triumph and many other off-road motorcycles.

Motorcycle repair shop

We work on all types of all terrain vehicles and motorcycles. El Paso Texas offers some of the best terrain and climate for dirt bikes and similar toys. We service and repair everything from heavy duty 4x4 quads that will get you through the toughest of off road conditions to small mini atvs for kids. Our mechanics perform many types of repairs, modifications, and maintenance to all types of motorcycles. What do you ride? What does your kid ride? Maybe a 50cc mini, or a high performance sport bike, or 4x4 atv? Doesn't matter - whatever it is we can help you with all the mechanic and maintenance needs. We have lift kits, desert or paddle tires, oversized tires, out of frame radiators, and we can even help with specialized clutch kits. We can set modify your stock atv to handle the toughest trails nature can throw at you. Our motorcycle shop is a team of a many qualified professionals who work very hard to achieve high quality craftsmanship. Our technicians love their work. TNT Motorworx provides a friendly atmosphere, honest and competitive estimates, and cost effective solutions to your off roading and quading needs.

In El Paso

El Paso motorcycle repair shops with atv mechanicsHello El Paso! We specialize in all types of repairs and modifications on all terrain vehicles like off road motorcycles, atvs, and quads. There are many shops in El Paso Texas but most do not carry parts for Japanese or Chineese quads or motorcycles. Our repair facility does! And we can help with many other things. From an oil change on your 4x4 name brand atv, to making stock bike to a complete drag race ready banshee. We also cover all your accesories needs. We sell new and used helments, gear, kits, etc. We perform factory scheduled maintenance at a small fraction of what it would cost at the dealer. Want to add some speed to your dirt bike/motorcycle? No problem. Give TNT Motorworx a call today to find out what we can do for you!

Many people in El Paso are in need of a good dirt bike repair shop, let them know we are here!

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