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Could there be a better way to leave the doldrums of winter behind than to take a refreshing swim in the backyard pool? Time in the pool looms on the horizon, as daylight hours extend into longer and warmer days. Swimming pool owners will want to get a jump on pool maintenance before the first sweltering summer day arrives. A few suggestions follow that will help keep your private pool running at its capacity and your family swimming at theirs.

  • Pool owners should strongly consider using a pool cover while on vacation during the summer months, or if the pool is used only occasionally. A quick visit to your local swimming pool supply vendor can save you a lot of headaches later. Covering your private pool will reduce evaporation by an unbelievable amount. Hot summers can remove water from the pool-even up to an inch per week. An inch a week may not sound like much from a pool that is eighteen by thirty six feet, (an average pool) but that much water translates to thousands of gallons lost.
  • Checking your family pool for leaks is a good idea. Before calling the pool guy take notice if algae is growing in the water. Algae, that is present due to a leak will reoccur despite chemical treatment. The presence of algae indicates a chemical imbalance caused by a disparity in water levels, thus the imbalance. It is important that the levels remain constant to avoid algae. Levels vary when leaks are present.

On inspection of the pool area, if you notice loose or cracked tiles or cracks anywhere along the pool’s upper area, you just might have a leak.

  • The most important factor to the maintenance of a private pool is water quality. It is imperative that pool owners properly treat their pools with the right balance of chemicals. You do not have to be a chemist to get the job done. A professional pool service will know the exact ratio of water to chemicals that are necessary for crystal clear, yet water that is comfortable to skin and eyes.

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